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There are excellent training and informational videos that have been produced by teachers who have successfully taught thousands of students to read proficiently.

Here are a few videos that provide excellent background information for teachers, parents, and the general public. We hope to continue to build this list of videos to become a highly valuable resource.

Also, be sure to check out our Featured Resources list for books and other videos.

The Power of Reading

Katie was in the 3rd grade when her parents came to Right to Read. <strong>She couldn’t read.</strong> She felt “dumb” and dreaded reading aloud in class.  Katie represents millions of children across the United States who have the same fears.

Her parents chose to remove their children from school and teach them at home. After several years, the children returned to the public school to find that their classmates were still struggling while they were proficient readers.

Katie now has her B.A. degree and is dedicating her time to tutor and help other children who need reading help.

Our mission is to help children just like Katie. Will you join us?


We All Can Read: Online Phonics Program, Introduction

Take a look at this program from We All Can Read. Their first 28 lessons online are free and available instantly at, including video instruction, guides and quizzes.


Sing, Spell, Read & Write Successful Reading

This highly effective program has just been adopted by 90 schools in Chicago.


Logic of English

This program is being used in the state of South Carolina and other schools nationwide.

Teacher Training Video Course
“This free reading and spelling teaching course is a full day training for teachers and parents who desire to improve students’ language arts skills.” See the complete course at

“Reading & Spelling Teacher Training Intro”

“One Hour Tour”


Action Reading FUNdamentals

Action Reading FUNdamentals has been used by many homeschooling families and is appropriate for special education students as well.


Dr. Reid Lyon’s Presentation on Reading Research

Dr. Lyon’s excellent summary of the research on reading instruction is a valuable resource for parents, teachers and policy makers.


General YouTube

Most popular video for kids who want to learn the sounds of the letters.