The Society for Quality Education – Toronto, Canada

Society for Quality Education – Toronto, Canada

Free Lending Library

Recently I was introduced to a valuable resource for those who are interested in answering the questions:  “Why do our schools and our teachers not apply what recent science and common sense have confirmed is the best way to teach reading, and math, and organize our schools?  Why do “theories of education” that have failed our children miserably still dominate our system of education in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand still prevail?  What can be done to improve our schools?  Is it really possible to change our schools at all?  What can parents do to reform education?  The books in this library will enlighten you, encourage you that you are not alone, and enrage you when you see how powerful political and philosophical forces are continuing to dumb down our schools.  I encourage you to find out what is happening in YOUR school, with YOUR child before it is too late.  Become informed.  Knowledge is power!

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