This is The National Right to Read’s Research Archive. We truly feel that the question on how to correctly teach and learn reading has been answered by the studies listed in our Explore section.

However, we have kept these articles here for your in-depth researching needs. They show the rich history of how we got to our current understanding starting from the early 1980’s. As such, keep in mind that the articles include methods and phrases from their respective eras.

National Studies

The research findings from more than 30 years of studies under two very expensive federally funded programs are now available. The results confirm what we've known for decades: Direct, intensive, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is a necessary component of any successful and effective reading program.

2013 NAEP Mathematics and Reading Assessment Results

National Assessment of Educational Progress

90+ Surveys of Experimental Research on Reading Instruction

Dr. Patrick Groff

A Return to Scientific Reading Instruction

Patrick Groff

A Return to Scientific Reading Instruction

Patrick Groff

A Synthesis of Research on Reading Conducted by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

by Bonita Grossen, University of Oregon

Education Research: Is What We Don't Know Hurting Our Children?

Statement of Dr. G. Reid Lyon, NIH

List of publications from the NICHD Reading Research

National Institute of Child Health & Human Development

NAEP 2000 4th-Grade Reading Results Released

National Assessment of Educational Progress

National Reading Panel Reports Combination of Teaching Phonics, Word Sounds, Giving Feedback on Oral Reading Most Effective Way to Teach Reading

The National Reading Panel

National Research Council Report "Preventing Reading Difficulties in Young Children"

Catherine E. Snow, M. Susan Burns, and Peg Griffin

News Commentary: Teacher Colleges Shun Best Way to Teach Reading

U.S.A. Today, Commentary

NICHD Early Interventions Project in Washington, D.C.

G. Reid Lyon, Ph.D

NICHD Research: Setting the Record Straight

Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) Reauthorization

Overview of NICHD Reading and Literacy Initiatives

Reid Lyon, Ph.D.

Panel to Assess New Readiness of Reading Research For Use in Nation's Classrooms

Project Follow Through Findings

Rep. Castle's Education Research Bill Ready for the President's Signature

U.S. House of Representatives,

Report of the National Reading Panel: Teaching Children to Read

Scientific Principles of Reading Instruction

Statement of Dr. G. Reid Lyon before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Education and the Workforce Hearing

The National Reading Panel Report: Missing the Point

James J. Campbell, M.D.

The Reading Wars: Understanding the Debate Over How Best to Teach Children to Read

Los Angeles Times

U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce Hearings on "The Importance of Literacy"

Dr. Donald N. Langenberg, Ms. Linda Butler, Mrs. Pam Barret

Whole Language Lives On: The Illusion of "Balanced" Reading Instruction

Reading Improvement

A Curriculum/Instruction Specialist From Ohio Speaks Out

Illiteracy: An Incurable Disease or Education Malpractice?

by Robert W. Sweet, Jr.

Illiterate and Unhappy

Debra J. Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle

Letter to the Editor Relating to Reading Recovery

Education Week 3/10/99, by Cathy Froggatt, former State Director, North Carolina Division of NRRF

Observations on Reading Recovery

Dr. Patrick Groff, NRRF Board Member and Senior Advisor

Questions and Conclusions from a Discussion of Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery Bites the Dust in Columbus, Ohio

Investors Business Daily Editorial

Reading Recovery is no such thing

Mrs. Nora Chabazi

Reading Recovery Program Deemed a Failure

Reading Recovery Research Project

San Diego Unified School District

Reading Recovery: An Evaluation of Benefits and Costs

Dr. Bonnie Grossen, Research Associate, University of Oregon; Gail Coulter, Research Associate, University of Oregon; Barbara Ruggles, Beacon Hill Elementary, Park Forest, Illinois

Reading Recovery: Just the Facts?

Bill Carlson

Researchers Urge Officials To Reject Reading Recovery

Education Week

Researchers' Views on Reading Recovery

Success in Reading Recovery Depends on the Development of Phonological Processing Skills

James W. Chapman, William E. Tunmer and Jane E. Prochnow, Massey University, New Zealand

Surveys of Experimental Research on Reading Instruction

The Reading Recovery Approach To Preventive Early Intervention: As Good as it Gets?

William E. Tunmer & James W. Chapman