Lucy Caulkins and Her Teacher’s College Cult of Reading Failure

Reprinted from “South Bronx School Meets Reality of NYC DOE”  August 2013

The cult of TC is leading our students down a path towards ignorance and the inability to read. As one leading educator has shared with the Crack Team, “TC is making our children in NYC dumber than wood.”

But what is it about TC that is so bad, so dangerous to the minds of our students? Simply put, the basic tenants of reading and writing are ignored.

Students do not learn any grammar, there are no writing mechanics to speak of. TC relies on independent work, even for the most left behind student.

With all this testing being foisted upon students and relying solely upon test scores to evaluate teachers, with an ELA tests that emphasizes, and states, spelling and grammar are paramount, TC provides none of the basics for the students to do well on the ELA exam.

Decoding, fluency, are lacking. TC offers no practice books to develop writing skills. Zero skills books. Teaching vocabulary is frowned upon as is spelling.

Our students are becoming illiterate and no one above the rank of “teacher” seems to care. This is the damage that TC’s program is doing to our students, to our schools, to our communities, to children’s futures.

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