Scientific Studies of Reading

Edited by Joanna P. Williams of Teachers College, Columbia University, this is the official journal of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, a relatively new society. Williams writes, “As Editor I plan to include empirical research that is based on a variety of methodologies and types of data analysis — research that, whatever the approach taken, is done carefully and competently and leads to justifiable conclusions. The journal will include work on ‘all aspects of reading and its related areas,’ a phrase that is sufficiently general to encompass issues related to word recognition, comprehension, writing, intervention, and assessment — from investigations of eye movements and comparisons of orthographies to studies of response to literature and perhaps even beyond — involving very young children and/or adults.” The journal is published quarterly, and inquiries and orders may be faxed to 201-236-0072 or mailed to Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc., Journal Subscription Department, 10 Industrial Avenue, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2262.