Sample of Invented Spelling

Dr. Patrick Groff, NRRF Board Member & Senior Advisor

The following letter is self-explanatory and was actually sent to parents at a small school in  Genesee Depot, Wisconsin.

Der Parints,

Az ur child brings home riting for the ferst tim, do not be serprized at the speling.  The Inglsh langwij is confuzing for students.  Prematur insistints that students uz standurd, or “correct” speling inhibits thair dezir and ability to rit.  We wil uz “invntd speling” in r wrk.

Az parints, u can hlp ur child by prazing awl thair riting.  Let ur child red thair riting to u.  Displa thair riting around ur hom.  No that as ur child becomz familyer with riting, he or she wil mak the tranzishun to standard speling.

Thank u,


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