How Spelling Supports Reading – Dr. Louisa Moats

How Spelling Supports Reading

And Why It Is More Regular and Predictable Than You May Think

Dr. Louisa Moats

Here is a summary paragraph that is found at the end of Dr. Moats article.  You may read the entire article if you click the link below.

Spelling instruction may be old fashioned, but its impor- tance has not diminished with computerized spell check- ers—and there’s no reason to believe that it will diminish

in the foreseeable future. Even if spell checkers were improved dramatically, such that they caught virtually all spelling errors and supplied the right word as the first choice, the type of in- depth word study described here would still be extremely valu- able to students. The benefits go well beyond good spelling: For young children, research clearly indicates that spelling sup- ports learning to read, and for older children, it’s likely that learning about the meaningful relationships between words will contribute to vocabulary growth and reading comprehen- sion. The complexity of English gives us seemingly infinite choices among words when we’re searching for the right way to express ourselves, and the language’s regularity makes reading, speaking, and writing those words an achievable goal.


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