Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade


Foundational Skills to Support Reading for Understanding in

Kindergarten Through 3rd Grade

 Released in 2016

Recommendation 1. Teach students academic language skills, including the use of inferential and narrative language, and vocabulary knowledge. 

Comment: This implies whole word guessing, and “big books” since students have not yet been taught all the letter/sounds;

Level of evidence: Minimal

Recommendation 2. Develop awareness of the segments of sounds in speech and how they link to letters. 

Comment: This is phonemic awareness;

Level of evidence: Strong

Recommendation 3. Teach students to decode words, analyze word parts, and write and recognize words. 

Comment:  Learning to decode is fundamental to mastery of the alphabetic principle.

Level of evidence: Strong

Recommendation 4. Ensure that each student reads connected text every day to support reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. 

Comment:  This implies a mixture of guided readers, leveled readers, and decodable readers.

Level of evidence: Moderate

Each of the sections in this study have a place in teaching students to read, but the indispensable component is learning to decode.   The programs used in this study are not described as definitively as they might be, but the study does provide continued evidence that teaching students decoding skills early and completely is the most effective way to help ALL students become proficient readers.  These findings offer consistent evidence for teaching students to decode directly and intentionally early in their schooling.

Comments by Robert W. Sweet, Jr., President, The National Right to Read Foundation

WWC Reading Study 2016 Recommendations

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