Yes Phonics

Our Story

YesPhonics™ Beginnings

Since 1998, when my grandmother Pauline Adamson first started teaching me phonics at her kitchen table in Red Lodge, MT, YesPhonics has helped thousands of students, teachers and homeschool parents through the challenges of learning to read, write and spell.

YesPhonics™ presents a comprehensive toolkit for teachers, tutors and homeschool parents to teach reading, writing and spelling to K-3rd grade students. The tools in YesPhonics Express include a complete curriculum, lesson plans, phonogram cards with special illustrations that aid in memory retention, a Spelling Notebook designed for young hands and developing motor skills, the Creative Coloring Book full of fun, mnemonic illustrations, a Sound-A-Long DVD, and accompanying Sound-A-Long CD so students can learn and practice on their own, the lively Phingo! game, and a money-back guarantee.

Using our Express program, thousands of teachers and students have overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to teaching and learning the English language. Teachers and students no longer have to struggle in the dark. We offer a comprehensive curriculum, rooted in a proven methodology, for teachers, tutors, and parents – in a ready-to-start, toolkit.

In countless examples, students using the YesPhonics Express program could read and write more than 30,000 words. Test scores rose. And perhaps most importantly, students grew in self-esteem, confidence and critical thinking. With the basics of reading, writing and spelling firmly rooted, these children could face their challenges, knowing there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish.

We have – and always will remain – a family-owned business with the mission to revolutionize teaching and to help provide a thriving, educated society.

All my best,
Cheyenne Joseph Adamson