Uncovering the Logic of English

Why do we need the Logic of English?

Most native English speakers believe, based on their education and prevailing assumptions in our society, that the spelling of English words has little or no logical basis. Predominant reading education methods require students to break the complex code of English intuitively, without help — an attainable leap for intuitive learners but an often insurmountable hurdle for more literally-minded ones. This gap in our language instruction has been a major contributor to low literacy rates and explains why many highly educated professionals cannot spell.

Uncovering the Logic of English offers a new view of English as a complex and powerful tool. Learning the Logic of English simplifies spelling and aids emerging readers with decoding. By revealing the logical patterns underlying 98% of English words, Uncovering the Logic of English eliminates the need to guess and provides a logical solution to English spelling.

This revolutionary knowledge is desperately needed to solve the literacy crisis in America today. It should be as foundational to our education system as 1 + 1 = 2.

Who should read this book?

Uncovering the Logic of English is not a curriculum or textbook, nor does it require the use of Logic of English® curriculum materials. It provides answers to basic questions about English reading and spelling and offers a compelling argument for the need for intensive phonics instruction to ensure the success of all students. The book can serve as a source of information for educators teaching any reading or spelling curriculum or simply as a personal reference for those wanting to better understand how English works. It is sure to be a favorite among Scrabble® players, word lovers, and anyone who wants to better understand the logic of English spelling.

2nd Edition (2012)



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