Remediation Plus Systems

Why is R+ teacher training so important to teachers?
We adhered to the cutting edge research.
We know the teacher did not learn this at University.
We created an unusually comprehensive curriculum for Teachers that supports them in the task of teaching all children to read, spell and write but is especially crucial instruction for children at risk.

Phonemic Awareness versus Phonics:

Phonemic Awareness must exist or be explicitly and directly taught before phonics begins (Remediation

Plus believes in this so we do not have to test every child. The idea of prevention instruction is exciting!)

Phonics will not make sense to a child with weak phonemic awareness. This is why you may be against

phonics, imagining that is not effective instruction.

Phonological processing starts by knowing which letters represent which speech sounds. This method can

deconstruct 90% of the English language.

Remediation Plus teaches:

How the written letters blend together to produce words.

How the sounds of the letters change depending on the letters that surround them.

Segmenting the speech sounds, rules and syllables so children become remarkable cognitive and phonemic spellers.

Fluency Training – the road to comprehension

Warning from the reading research community. Remediation Plus follows the team at the NICHD (Dr.`s Reid Lyon,Torgesen, Shaywitz, Moats, Foorman, and many more!) “If a child cannot break a spoken word into its individual sounds and cannot blend spoken sounds into a word, phonics will not make sense to that child. Children must acquire phonemic awareness first.” This is where most reading intervention programs fail!

Remediation Plus develops “Reading Expert” teachers for your school. You will create teachers who can teach any child, any age how to succeed academically by conquering this problem in their students!

We believe passionately in early intervention, however as Dr. Reid Lyon and Jo Torgesen so aptly stated, “This process is non negotiable”!