At Last! A Reading Method for Every Child

Developed by Mary Pecci
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Created by Mary Pecci, At Last! A Reading Method for Every Child is unique in that it introduces just one sound for each letter or letter-combination with no exceptions. Mary writes, “What does this accomplish? You get an immediate response because just one sound is known. It covers 90% of the phonics information needed to read. When children have 90% of the phonics information needed to read, they can figure out the exceptions on their own.” They use context and the dictionary for the exceptions. At Last! A Reading Method for Every Child presents the phonics information with short-cut, fun techniques, along with motivating reinforcement techniques that have been collected over the years from master teachers and that make reading a joy to teach and a pleasure to learn.

A fifth-grade teacher from Riverside, California writes, “I appreciate her ‘Pecci Method’ because it is inexpensive, it doesn’t require a lot of time to learn it, and most of all, because it works. I have lost track of the number of parents who have come to me and thanked me for teaching their child to read, who thought their child could never read well. Most teachers can teach an average person to read. Mary’s dynamic system of phonics can teach the unteachable to read.”

A first-grade teacher writes, “At this time when it has been estimated that about 20% of students in Grade 1 classes are labeled ‘learning disabled’ and are referred to Special Ed classes, I am delighted to report that we have had a 100% success rate during the past two years while implementing Mary Pecci’s simplified reading method, At Last! A Reading Method for Every Child. I would like to share with other teachers, experienced as well as new, that the simplified techniques in this reading method (explicit, systematic phonetic techniques which can be directly integrated into any basic reading series of one’s choice) not only remove all of the nitty-gritty which causes boredom and makes teaching and learning a chore, but they are fun for both teacher and students.

A homeschooling mom writes that Mary’s explicit systematic phonics program “has my five-year-old reading easily and has helped my ten-year-old through problems my old reading program left untouched or confused him on. I recommend it to all my homeschooling friends.”

Another mother writes, “My son Brandon was having great difficulty learning to read with the reading method that was being implemented in his classroom. At a teacher conference I was told he was a non-reader and that I should find another method to teach him how to read.” The mother had heard that Mary Pecci’s explicit, systematic, simplified phonics techniques were helping lots of children diagnosed as “reading disabled” learn to read. After ordering the materials she was able to bring her son up to grade level very quickly. His reading teacher told her he had improved greatly.

She continues, “I had been especially concerned about my son because his father had spent much of his school years in Special Ed classes, and I feared that reading disability might be inherited. It is now clear to me that neither my son nor my husband had learning disability—they had ‘teaching disability’.” Brandon is now in ninth grade and excels in all areas, especially English. Because of his success, his mother taught his two younger sisters to read before entering kindergarten. They also both excel in school and are competent readers.

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