Ball-Stick-Bird Reading

The Ball-Stick-Bird phonic reading system, developed by psychologist Dr. Renée Fuller, derives its name from the way it teaches the alphabet. With Balls (circles), Sticks (lines), and Birds (angles), the student can make all the letters of the alphabet. But story reading does not wait for alphabet mastery. Already with the presentation of the fourth letter the hilarious adventures of Vad of Mars begin. Vad

These adventures package principles from neuroscience and child psychology thereby greatly increasing learning ease, speed, and reading pleasure. Instead of senseless drill, the repeated phonic lessons are immediately utilized in another goofy science fiction adventure.

The Ball-Stick-Bird books are 100 to 150 pages long, 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size. They are printed on thick shiny paper so that eager, moist hands won’t create smudges. And they are in color. At present, the system consists of ten books of different but related stories that take the student from zero to adult reading.

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