Action Reading Fundamentals

Developed by Dr. George Cureton and Jeanie Eller
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Action Reading is a complete phonics-based language arts program designed to teach children to read in one year or less. Developed by Dr. George Cureton and Jeanie Eller, a master reading teacher, it may be used for first graders or for remediation up to adult. The following letter from Charles Smith, President of the Montgomery County Council of PTAs in Montgomery, Alabama, speaks for itself regarding the effectiveness of Action Reading.

“I have been greatly concerned with the overall low test scores of our students on the Stanford Achievement Test. Our system has approximately 35,000 students with an average SAT score ranking in the 40th-45th percentile nationally, depending on the grade level. I personally was taught to read by my grandfather using a phonics method. Carrying on that tradition, my mother taught all her grandchildren to read using the same method, until she came across the Action Reading program.”

“At that point, she switched from my grandfather’s method to Action Reading because she felt it was more thorough and also more fun for the kids. Believing that poor reading skills were at the heart of our academic problems, I approached the principal of my two youngest childrens’ school about the possibility of using Action Reading there. She was ecstatic about the idea but neither of us had any notion of where we would get the money to implement it.”

Charles then explains how they were able to get funding from private sources. He continues, “We have brought Jeanie to Montgomery on three occasions to train teachers and have hired two teachers to act as resource teachers. It is currently being taught in over 165 classrooms in 20 schools from kindergarten to high school with over 60 teachers on a waiting list to get a classroom kit.”

“Although we have no standardized test results yet to gauge the fruits of our efforts, we have already heard from many, many teachers who can hardly contain their excitement over the program. Several have said that their students were much further along after eight weeks of Action Reading than they were at the end of the year last year. Also, many have commented that there has been an increased interest in reading by the students themselves, particularly in some of the racially isolated, inner-city schools where reading scores have generally been in the 10th-20th percentile nationally. I have even had parents of some of these children tell me that they (the parents) were learning to read through the materials their first graders were bringing home!”

“I am extremely excited about the potential this program has to change the face of public education and the long-term futures for children in Montgomery and elsewhere…And all of this has come about without one dime from the school system. It has been led by parents and teachers who are in the trenches every day and recognize a wonderful program when they see one. They are simply fed up with the idea that children cannot be taught to read well and have taken the matter into their own hands.”

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