A New Literacy Team in South Carolina

The National Right To Read Foundation, the South Carolina Literacy Task Force, and Logic of English® are teaming up with Estill Elementary School in South Carolina to provide tools to parents, teachers, and students to fight illiteracy in their community.

Estill Elementary

Estill Elementary was identified by the State of South Carolina as an underperforming school. However, Estill’s principal and teachers have decided that, in the face of the many challenges stacked against their students, they will succeed—no excuses. In their search for the best resources to help their students they found a reading curriculum by Logic of English® that will help them lay a strong foundation, not only for reading, but for all of education.


Changing Lives

In the first four months, teachers have reported an increase in student confidence and engagement, and decreases in problematic and distracting behavior. Students who previously did not enjoy reading are independently picking up books!

Success for Every Student

Our goal is to make success in reading available to every student.

Through this research-based program, students systematically develop essential decoding skills and fluency leading to strong comprehension and critical thinking ability as they analyze words, think about meaning, and make connections to other words and concepts. No more guessing. No more rote memorization of words.

Students learn to read, and it changes their lives.

Change A Life Today

Your contribution right now will help ensure that Estill Elementary School will continue to change lives, helping every student learn to read. Donate any of the items below to help an Estill student.

The National Right to Read Foundation is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Gifts are used for the projects identified, and to advance scientifically based reading instruction in America.


Help A Student

    or    $

Donate monthly to help students learn to read and change their lives all year long.

Cost: $5 / month / student
Have: 0
Need: 520


Donate Teacher Training

Teachers are on the front lines helping children learn to read, gain confidence, and open up their world. Training master teachers creates mentors who then train their colleagues throughout the school, exponentially increasing impact.

Cost: $625
Have: 0
Need: 2


Where Needed Most


Don’t know where to give, or want us to put your donation where it is most urgently needed? Give to our general fund and we’ll make sure that it helps as many children as possible learn to read.


Donate Supplies

Workbooks, readers, and whiteboards are essential tools to help students learn to read. Want to donate a workbook or daily reader? Take your pick from any of these needed items.



Choose Supplies to Donate

Donate Supplies

  • Foundations A Workbooks

    Cost: $15 Needed: 80
  • Foundations B Workbooks

    Cost: $18 Needed: 80
  • Foundations C Workbooks

    Cost: $18 Needed: 180
  • Foundations D Workbooks

    Cost: $18 Needed: 180
  • Foundations D Readers

    Cost: $12 Needed: 90
  • Foundations D Children’s Books

    Cost: $90 Needed: 90
  • Essentials WB Digital Classroom License

    Cost: $90 Needed: 9
  • Student Whiteboards

    Cost: $9 Needed: 140
  • Game Book

    Cost: $15 Needed: 12
  • ROH Cursive Workbooks

    Cost: $10 Needed: 205

More Information

The faculty and staff at Estill Elementary are on a mission to enable every student in the school to learn to read proficiently at grade level or beyond.

In the 2014-15 school year, Estill introduced Logic of English curriculum in every grade to help them achieve this goal. Midway through the year, the teachers are describing increased success, confidence, and interest in reading among their students. They are now gearing up for a second year in 2015-16.

Kindergarten through second grade students are learning handwriting, phonemic awareness, linguistically accurate phonics, fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and spelling. In third through fifth grade, Estill students are strengthening their reading, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and critical thinking skills. In addition they are practicing cursive with the Rhythm of Handwriting program.

In the first year of the program, Estill was able to cover the $30,000 cost of the curriculum, student materials, and training with help from Logic of English and the Beaufort Foundation, which together donated over half of the project cost.

Estill needs your help to continue the project next year!

Please donate now to help them raise the $28,500 for student workbooks, additional classroom materials, and further teacher training.

Estill Estimated Cost Breakdown