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Laura Stewart is a professional development expert and a literacy research geek. Laura works with the Superkids reading program and is a regular guest contributor to all things literacy on the NRRF blog.

Another great thread from IFERI: The myth of the multiple cueing systems

Despite overwhelming and conclusive evidence to the contrary, the use of “multiple cueing systems” in reading persists. Susan Godsland, from the International Foundation for Effective Reading Instruction has assembled a collection of articles which collectively show dangers of the persistence of this myth.

Programs making a difference

This link will take you to an article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal about The Milwaukee Summer Reading Program, a program that combines teacher training and direct support to children, with validated success.  There is now proposed legislation to continue funding the program.

A quote to note!

…research shows there are two especially important transitions during this time of a child’s literacy life. One typically occurs around age 5 as a child moves from emergent literacy to being able to read and write conventionally. The other usually happens during second grade…when the child transitions from reading word by word to reading fluently—with Read more…

Interesting article from Ed Week: For Reading, Knowledge Matters More Than Strategies, Some Experts Say

By Liana Heitin on October 29, 2015 4:00 PM Washington Improving reading comprehension is not about giving students good “strategies,” it’s about increasing their knowledge base about the world. That was the major message of a panel held today at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a think tank here. “Many teachers are teaching strategies—they’re teaching Read more…

NAEP scores are available

By now, most of us have seen the results of the 2015 NAEP scores. Background: a nationally representative group of about 600,000 students took the NAEP test this year. The results, known as “the nation’s report card,” (which are released about every two years), and serve as a barometer for how U.S. students are performing Read more…

New study on RtI points to the need for a strong Tier 1 core

A recent study shows that RtI may not be the answer for struggling students.   We need to consider setting high expectations for all students and teachers in order to overcome the perception that kids who come to school less prepared will always be tier 2 and tier 3 students. The needle can be Read more…