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Reading In The Brain – Part II

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The Dyslexic Brain Stanislaus Dehaene Reading In the Brain Penguin Books, New York City, NY 2009   SELECTED EXCERPTS The Dyslexic Brain “This Chapter summarizes thirty years of research on dyslexia, from this initial psychological classification, to brain imaging, anatomical, and genetic studies, and finally the recent design of intervention software. “ What Is Dyslexia? “A Read more…

The History or Reading Instruction

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The History of Reading Instruction is an important reminder of the wide pendulum swings in American Education.  Since research has now provided definitive evidence about the elements necessary to become a proficient reader, isn’t it time to act before another generation of our children are denied their “right to read?” History of Reading Instruction “Learning Read more…

Annual Report – 2014

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December 18, 2014 Dear Friends: On July 8, 1981, two days after I was appointed by President Ronald Reagan to serve in the U.S. Department of Education I received a phone call from the Education Policy Director at the Heritage Foundation. That call began my journey to address the decline in literacy in America. Twelve Read more…

Wilson Language Training

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Here is another excellent reading program that is a valuable addition to the many others that are available.  It has been proven in the classroom for many years, and provides prospective teachers with the knowledge they need to teach anyone to read. Ed and Barbara are dedicated to the best possible instructional tools to teach Read more…

Sing, Spell, Read and Write – Pearson Publishing

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In case your state is interested in a program that is correlated with Common Core, here is what Pearson Publishing has prepared.

The University of Phoenix Requests A Link to The National Right to Read Foundation

The National Right To Read Foundation received the request below from the University of Phoenix and we have accepted with enthusiasm.  The more Colleges and Universities that include information on “evidence based research” practices in reading instruction the better.  We are excited to see teacher training institutions using online training programs to prepare teachers for Read more…

NCTQ Teacher Prep Review 2014 – Exec Summary

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NCTQ Teacher Prep Review 2014 Executive Summary Ever so slowly, the United States is taking a harder look at how its teacher preparation schools are improving the quality of the teachers they produce. The signs are everywhere — from proposed federal action to state legislatures and school boards passing new oversight laws and regulations, to Read more…

Part 3 – Dolores Hiskes – Phonics Pathways

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Editors note:  Since 1996, when we met Dolores and John Hiskes, we have been fans and friends.  Both have contributed so much to America.  John, as a renowned physicist at Livermore Labs, and Dolores as the author of Phonics Pathways.  These are just two of the unsung heroes we have met over the years.  We Read more…