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Working Together!!

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For more than 20 years the National Right to Read Foundation has been a clearinghouse for products that we believe are available for schools, whether home, private or public that include the essential components of reading instruction.  Some of the programs we list include much more than just the “phonics” component too.  Grammar, spelling, handwriting, Read more…

South Carolina Settles 20 Year Old Equity School Funding Lawsuit

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This court decision won’t automatically result in a dramatic improvement in the quality of schooling in rural schools in South Carolina, however, it once again calls attention to what has been labeled as The Corridor of Shame.   A documentary was produced in 2005 that provided background information about the plight of poor children and underfunded Read more…

Guest Commentary – Sing, Spell, Read and Write

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INTRODUCTION The National Right to Read Foundation (NRRF) welcomes commentary about successful, evidence based reading programs. Please submit them for consideration for future publication on the NRRF website. In 1983 I visited Sue when she was teaching first grade at an elementary school in Mahwah, NJ. The experience is as vivid in my memory now Read more…

South Carolina Doubles Down

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Just when national progress is finally being made in implementing “evidence based reading instruction” the State of South Carolina doubles down on failed practices of the past to teach reading. In 2014 new legislation in South Carolina was passed titled “Read to Succeed.”  The objective was to lift schools out of the abyss of Read more…

Logic of English October 2014 Newsletter

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The Logic of English has published their October 2014 newsletter, full of helpful information and resources: “LOE Parties, school year tools, the LOE Blog, Foundations D coming soon, school pilots!”

Haskins Laboratory – Yale University – Reading Instruction – 2014

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Since 1960 Haskins Laboratories at Yale University has been a leading source of carefully conducted research on reading instruction in the classroom.  Below are links to the most recent information that can and should guide all reading instruction in the U.S.   It is based on the findings of the 2000 Report of the National Read more…

Bob’s Ten Rules to Eliminate Dyslexia

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The last frame in the presentation below by Dr. Al Liberman, former Director of the Haskins Laboratory for the study of reading at Yale University is worth noting.   “We are all born dyslexic—the difference among us is that some of us are easy to cure and others more difficult.”  Dr. Al Liberman, Haskins Laboratory Read more…

Reading, Writing and Regulations – A Report to the Nation

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Reading, Writing, and Regulations: A Survey of the Expanding Federal Role in Elementary and Secondary Education Policy Courtney A. Collins | Aug 25, 2014 Until 1965, the federal government played a fairly limited role in the elementary and secondary education system in the United States. The US Constitution is noticeably silent on matters related to Read more…

Chronicle of Higher Education – Teacher Prep in Reading

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Pledger Fedora’s new job, as director of the Rose Institute for Learning and Literacy at Manhattanville College, is built on the hope that students who struggle to read can be taught more effectively. The institute, supported by a philanthropist known for her gifts to New York’s museums and public library, will begin offering a 13-credit Read more…