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Phonics Pathways – Author – Dolores Hiskes

| Heros of Reading Education

This is the beginning of a series of articles about some of the “hero’s” of literacy.  Often these hero’s are unsung, and like it that way.  Many of the authors of reading programs began their journey with a child who was not learning to read in school, and rather than just wring their hands they took action, Read more…

National Adult Literacy Survey

| Education Statistics

The NCES chart below indicates that at least 32 % of all fourth grade students in the U.S. are “below basic…that is they cannot read at all. The number of students who are “proficient” readers is about 34 %. That where ALL students could be if they were taught with one of the approved NRRF Read more…

Bob’s Ten Rules to Eliminate Dyslexia

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The last frame in the presentation below by Dr. Al Liberman, former Director of the Haskins Laboratory for the study of reading at Yale University is worth noting.   “We are all born dyslexic—the difference among us is that some of us are easy to cure and others more difficult.”  Dr. Al Liberman, Haskins Laboratory Read more…

Reading Recovery – More Evidence of Failure? A NEW RESEARCH STUDY.

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Ten years ago New Zealand instituted a national policy to reduce illiteracy but this recent research report indicates that there has been no change in illiteracy rates.  The “Reading Recovery” program, created in New Zealand to reduce the incidence of reading failure, has been the center piece of this policy.  Much the same can be Read more…

Reading, Writing and Regulations – A Report to the Nation

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Reading, Writing, and Regulations: A Survey of the Expanding Federal Role in Elementary and Secondary Education Policy Courtney A. Collins | Aug 25, 2014 Until 1965, the federal government played a fairly limited role in the elementary and secondary education system in the United States. The US Constitution is noticeably silent on matters related to Read more…

Chronicle of Higher Education – Teacher Prep in Reading

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Pledger Fedora’s new job, as director of the Rose Institute for Learning and Literacy at Manhattanville College, is built on the hope that students who struggle to read can be taught more effectively. The institute, supported by a philanthropist known for her gifts to New York’s museums and public library, will begin offering a 13-credit Read more…

The Nature of the English Alphabet

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A Brief Analysis of The English Alphabet Code It isn’t easy being green, Kermit the Frog used to say. Maybe that’s true but neither is it easy being a child in England, America, Canada, Australia, or anywhere else in the English-speaking world where you have to learn to read (and spell) the English Alphabet Code. Read more…

Uncovering the Mysteries of Dyslexia, G Reid Lyon, Ph. D

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This presentation is a summary of reading research findings to date, and a powerful resource to anyone who truly wants to have a basis for teaching the “Five Components of Reading Instruction” that is a primary feature of

National Council on Teacher Quality: No Wisconsin Schools in Top Group

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From the Wisconsin Reading Coalition E-Alert sent June 19, 2014. The National Council on Teacher Quality has released its second annual report on teacher preparation programs, including a numeric ranking of programs for the first time. Results show an uphill climb ahead for Wisconsin. No Wisconsin program earned the national “Top-Ranked” status, a distinction awarded Read more…