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Our Mission

The National Right to Read Foundation (NRRF) was established on January 8, 1993. The mission of NRRF is to return comprehensive, scientifically-based reading instruction and good literature to every elementary school in America. Much progress has been made toward this goal. Exactly nine years from the day NRRF was established, President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2002 that included the Reading First program. This program reflects the findings of decades of reading research, as summarized in the National Reading Panel report released in April 2000. Through Reading First, the Congress provides more than $1 billion each year for needy schools to implement the findings of reading research. A comprehensive approach to teaching students to read, as stated in the Reading First law, includes explicit, systematic instruction in these five areas: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension. Explicit and systematic instruction in phonics is a non-negotiable component of comprehensive reading instruction.

Much remains to be done. At the state and local levels, NRRF State Directors and Chapter Leaders (see NRRF Contact Information below) promote reading instruction based upon scientific reading research findings. They testify before legislatures, school boards, and parent groups to explain the kind of teaching that will ensure all children learn the skill of reading.

It is our purpose to provide up-to-date information on this site to inform the American public about progress towards the goals of NRRF, to suggest ways that parents can become involved in this essential effort, and to encourage teachers to use reading instructional materials and diagnostic assessments that will enable them to teach most children to read by the end of first grade, and to ensure that all children are proficient readers by the end of third grade at the latest.

NRRF Board of Directors

Robert Sweet, Jr.
President and Co-Founder
Strasburg, Virginia

James Jacobson
Vice President and Co-Founder
Madison Heights, VA

Cathy Froggatt
St. Joseph, Michigan

Joy Sweet
Strasburg, Virginia

Carol Anderson
Indian Trail, NC

John Sweet
Warrenton, VA

Beth Olexa
Warrenton, VA

Cyndi LaSalle
Gorham, ME

NRRF Contact Information

Executive Director:
Joy Sweet 540-465-2349

State Directors:

Linda Frazer  203-222-1367

Sharon Hillestad  727-441-4444

Brenda Fitzgerald  770-794-8525

Sherry Matsumoto   808-235-6896

Anita Holten  574-247-0605

Linda Weinmaster  785-550-7804

Alexis Muskie  207-934-4886

Mark Draper   240-252-1443

Annie Procopio  978-443-9637

Cathy Froggatt  269-429-3509

Linda Weinmaster   785-550-7804

Sharon Kientz  775-882-8572

New Hampshire:
Elaine Holden 

New Mexico:
Macario Chavez  505-537-3637

New York:
Karen Sponable  518-279-1613

North Carolina:
Fern Shubert  704-624-2720

Julie Dillenburg  412-327-0505

South Carolina:
Patsy Stewart  803-419-2186

Peg Leach   956-583-0532

Jennifer Welliver   540-955-1373

Michael Audet  802-899-3235

Susan Esvelt   425-335-4964

Washington, D.C. Area:
Sandra Elam   703-505-6456

West Virginia:
Fred Martin 304-945-8521

Sally DeBruin  920-734-0944

In Memory of Regna Lee Wood
In Memory of Charles Richardson
In Memory of Patti Clark

NRRF Teachers of the Year

2005 Teacher of the Year - Delores Scott
2004 Teacher of the Year - Ann Edwards
2003 Teacher of the Year - Claudia Oyster
2002 Teacher of the Year - Shirley Ficken
2001 Teacher of the Year - Bertha Zapata
2000 Teacher of the Year - Kathy Alfke
1998 Teacher of the Year - Pam Barret
1997 Teacher of the Year - Cathy Fox
1996 Teacher of the Year - Dr. Cindy Cupp
1995 Teacher of the Year - Sharon Kientz

The Years In Review

2013 Annual Report

2006 Year End Report

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