A quote to note!

…research shows there are two especially important transitions during this time of a child’s literacy life. One typically occurs around age 5 as a child moves from emergent literacy to being able to read and write conventionally. The other usually happens during second grade…when the child transitions from reading word by word to reading fluently—with accurate word recognition, adequate speed, and expression. Each of these represents a significant leap forward for children’s literacy development, but each of them can also be a stalling point, causing a child to lag behind I literacy achievement and find it much harder to catch up again (Teale, et al., 2015, p. 16).


Teale, Walski, Hoffman, Meehan, Whittingham, Colaner (2015). Early Childhood Literacy: Policy for the Coming Decade. UIC Research on Urban Education Policy Initiative. Policy Brief, Vo. 4, Book 1.

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