1995 Teacher of the Year Award: Sharon Kientz

The National Right to Read Foundation is pleased to announce that the First Annual Teacher of The Year Award (1995) was presented to Mrs. Sharon Kientz, a kindergarten teacher at San Miguel Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California, in recognition of her courage and devotion in teaching the children in her classes to become independent readers. Sharon has been a teacher for more than nineteen years.

Mrs. Kientz was recognized by The National Right to Read Foundation because of her success in teaching children to read. Mr. Robert W. Sweet, Jr., President of the Foundation (in 1995) stated that, “Sharon is an outstanding master teacher who has proven in her classroom what years of research in reading methodology have demonstrated as well. The solution to the increasing problem of illiteracy in America is a return to direct instruction in explicit, systematic phonics. Teaching children the skill of reading, early and systematically can be done by all good teachers. It is our hope that this well deserved recognition will encourage teachers all across the nation to follow Sharon’s example.

Congratulations, Sharon!

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